And so we watch and so we learn/With eyes wide for our dreams to yearn

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Love’s Labours

Falling in love is like a bicycle
Always so easy to feel the thrill, exhilarated
Rushing down those hills when you start off again
It’s a dream and an idea, a warm jacket that feels like a hug
So easy to put on, wrap around, lose yourself in

It’s never the same, each time,
But there are patterns – the familiar swoop of your internal organs
As they leap to catch your heart
Beating so fast in preparation for takeoff
But they’re always too late – you’ve gone and fallen again…

I’ve been falling in love since I was in kindergarten
All I remember then, was of that boy with such a special smile
Now, it’s something so natural I’ve taught myself contingency procedures
Not just in theory, but the patterns and behaviours needed
Just to get off this rollercoaster…relatively unscathed

It’s never easy, though
The universe is still ruled by physics;
Once momentum is achieved, to halt is to…hurt
That’s the beauty of polyamory, demiromance, bisexuality
You can love, healthily love, so many
Balance yourself, tightrope underfoot
Between the spidersilk threads holding you in stead
Crisscrossing your heartstrings, support in case one snaps

That worked, most of the time
Not with you though
You were the warm blanket I always wanted to wrap myself up in
The texture just right, between soft and strong
I was never afraid I’d lose you
It never crossed my mind that we wouldn’t have…something

Funny, how our dancing act goes
Combined, we perform as easy as breathing
Natural and powerful, our pH is perfect
But we’re not the only variables, not really
Although we did a damn good job of pretending, didn’t we?
It got to be that I could rarely sleep without burying myself in the security of your affection

Oh, the illusions we build, art thou marvelous
We danced so perfectly we forgot where we were
Or at least, I did, for some time
Dreams are so easy to fall into
Once I trusted you fully, I didn’t want to stop falling
But, as gravity dictates, we must
It wasn’t flying – there was that thud of reality
That hit, eventually; forcing you to pick yourself up
Jarred, scarred, but not regretful
Never regretful, for having lived, having loved you
Known you, shown you, as you showed me
The stars
Constellations that linked my joy with your smiles, and our kisses…

I guess I can’t wear it as my lullaby each night, now
But your heavy coat of hugs and hope still lies in my closet, you know
Just in case destiny decides, and fate provides
Us with the chance, to try it on again
And maybe this time… it’ll fit just right



We’re going to fly.
I know it.
Can you feel it too?
In my heart and my lungs and my throat, I know
That the world is outside waiting

And I am going to soar
See it all
Feel the wind and the salt and the spray
See wide smiling faces rushing past
Everything, everything
It’s all humming and thrumming and thriving with life, out there.

Out there. Somewhere anywhere
I swear I’d be content, just to see
Just to feel that sun on my skin
Reaching out with uncertain hands
Filled with my ideas, bright as bubbles
Wide fingers.
If I grasp tight enough to life, will it take me out to see all of it?

Just get me out of this tiny little pocket.
Get me out of this grotto of idling weather
Where the celestial storms of the swirling, raging, singing planet of people are
Oh people! Give me people
To smile and to hug, to be confused and enthused by
To hate and to bait and to wait by,
To wait for and worry for, to love for but most of all live for

Let me live, that’s all I ask for.
Let me fly and be free, let me roam and truly be
Entrench my toes in foreign sands
Stretch my eyes upon new lands
Lands which eyes like mine have never seen
Only dreamed and wished and longed to know
For the world is far greater than any satellite can show
Each inch of earth not merely there
But like dimensions, folded inwards,
Crumpled papers of time tossed together

The tale of our Earth is told
In leaflets, the greatest book of them all
With each fallen autumn leaf
With the petals of fading flowers
With the multitudes of sea shells washed upon our shores
On every forgotten coastline, our history is written

My fingers itch to turn these pages
They seek to trace, the ink that narrates our stories
Leads from then to now to what will be
A sight I refuse to never not see!
For I cannot live but to look
To breathe each breath this new air
Of recycled nitrogens, that once long ago
Bore breaths to even the greatest:
Deep rooted trees in their soil, steady and strong
And wandering wondering thinkers, in their days long lost

But this today is mine, and I claim it
My life stamped with each beating pulse
Onwards, forwards, backwards and sideways
Slipping between the souls of others
Lingering on the beauty in each fragment I see
For what else can we become?
But refractors, absorbers, reflectors
Putting piece by piece of ourselves together
With each piece and puzzle we find from each other

And by everything that was ever holy, my pieces are scattered like the stars!