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Its a big thing these days. Especially with so many countries making the motion to have rights – ones previously ignored and shunned – made legal, open, okay, free. The world needs to be applauded; so much has been improved in the last 100 years. Slavery, sexism, racism, homophobia…we’re getting there. Slowly, surely, with many fumbles and regressions along the way, but it’s undeniable to even the most obstinate. Look around you! As an australian I can say, at least for us, if not the rest of the world – we’re living in a multi-cultural society now, rich with differences that make us better. It would be unthinkable to discriminate against the jewish family next door, or the chinese lady in the shop. Looking around a regular school classroom, I can count israelis, indians, japanese, eastern-europeans among us – italians, latinos, malaysian, pacific islanders, chinese. There’s barely 7 in a class of 27 that would be considerable in the old stereotype of the light-haired golden generation 50 years ago. Put that in your pipe and smoke it, Proto-Aryans 😛

It seems so strange at times, how people can dislike or judge another on factors they cannot control. On their skin or background, sexual orientation or their physical or mental health. And looking at that, we should rejoice! Change cannot be in solely the laws and leglislation – but in the mentality of the people. And it is. Our generation has been brought up with the open-ness of the internet, the mindset of change, of acceptance, of freedom and of course people should be allowed to love who they want, why would anyone want to put down the foreign dude? He’s so cool, he speaks 2 languages! Granted, there will always be arseholes and bigots in the world, but screw them! 😀 We are so much more than that, there are so many more of us than them, and we are winning. Need proof? Look at Glee, on of the the most mainstream and popularly consumed television shows on air. The main reason people dislike it is because of the cliched songs, dances and plotlines. Nobody seems to notice the ethnic differences, the sexual differences, the races and beliefs and cohesion of the entire cast. And to that, we say Bravo!

Bravo world, for leading us to this.



Why do we need to care so much? Why do we need to talk to people and get involved in their messy lives and make ours messier? Why do we need to need others, let them matter so much to us, when the end of the day, they end up hurting us? Why do we consider that the more people a person cares or is cared about, the better they are? Do we really need to be so interdependant? People hurt each other, people mess up each other, raise hopes and let them down brutally, accidentally or not. We get distracted for a while when something shiny and new comes along, something that catches our eyes or tugs our hearts, and we chase it for a while. But then, it withers and is gone again, the pattern repeats itself over and over again. Are we really that stupid? How is growing these emotions of ours in any way good? They blossom, full of hope and joy and love, and then something goes wrong. Something always goes wrong. And it burns. All gone, down the rubbish-hole and start from scratch, again. When is it ever enough? When do we learn to stop?!? How do we know that this golden sunshine we search for isn’t fools gold, a shiny bauble on a string daring us ahead, tempting us onwards, a false hope that we somehow live for, live through all this useless, senseless pain! What is the point? Why haven’t we ever just …let go?