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A Series of Unknown Poems

A person I once knew shared these with me. He never gave me any names in regards to who wrote them, but they’ve stuck with me. So now I’m sharing them with you.

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Dreams, Pain and Perfection

The music slowly fades away
Giving way to boundless sorrow
Emptiness that won’t disappear
With the coming of any tomorrow.

The darkness deepens by the moment
Shadows lengthen with the dying light
Can you hear the silence growing
Sealing our fate tonight.
The dreams go up in smoke,
Scarring deeper than the skin
And when the thoughts begin to choke,
Hope starts to wear thin.
The pain and the perfection
Of memories of you,
Reminiscing of times past
And thinking to myself ‘What if’.
Too many times I’ve turned away from you,
Looked away when I never wanted to.
Blinded by something I couldn’t see,
Dead to something that was in front of me.
Yet now it all seems so right,
What we wanted will be tonight,
And all else slips from my mind,
There’s only one thought I can find.
The rain can’t dampen my spirits
Anymore than the pain
So perfect that everything’s wrong,
The mirrored illusion shatters.
The dreams go up in smoke,
Scarring deeper than the skin
And when the thoughts begin to choke,
Hope starts to wear thin.
The pain and the perfection
Of memories of you,
Reminiscing of times past
And thinking to myself ‘What if’.

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The Power of Dreams.

 I walk in the shadow of a cloud,
The wind and not the sun adding colour to what is around me.
I implore it to wash away all my dark times.
Those times spent under the sun.
The gale blows my mind clean.
It carries me over the sun,
Something which seemed bright once.
Time is not the only healer after all.
My heart is opened to the storm.
Its raw, numb, coldness soothes and numbs my wounds.
Growing sick of my body, I am lost with nature.
My soul rides the crests of waves,
Floats through the sky on the wings of an albatross,
Explores the deepest chasms and mysteries of the earth.
I cannot describe where I am or what I do.
Nature takes me high, higher than I have ever been.
My mind is healed, so I return to my dead body.
And as life claims it,
I wake up.

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Left. Right. Up. Down.
Its a series of twists. Turns. Ups. Downs. Inversions. Madness.
Just to make it less of a mess.
Make all those little colours line up.
Make it look better.
There are some who don’t bother.
Who take it as it comes.
They make no effort.
They aren’t bothered by the dissarrayed and disoriented layers.
There are some who go by algorithms.
Who just follow someone else’s steps.
Do it over and over again.
Just to see how fast they can get.
And take steps to make it smoother.
Cushion the impact.
No point really.
Doesn’t get you anywhere.
Doesn’t give you anything to be really happy about.
Then there are those who do it right.
Use their logic.
Make the right decisions.
Live through the bad luck.
Take advantage of the good luck.
Who take it apart just to find out how it works.
They’re going to end up the best.
But the thing is, it doesn’t matter how fast you do it.
Doesn’t even matter if you don’t arrange it all.
If you have it, you’re gifted.
Left. Right. Up. Down.
Do it whichever way suits you best.
Its yours to choose.
And for all of you who haven’t got it.
Its not the cube.
Think outside the box.
This is life.

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Looking up at the stars,
I wondered how they got so high,
What they were motivated by to reach such dizzy heights..
I saw their true state,
To be more free than a bird over the ocean,
Than a whale in the sea,
To be held back by nothing but your own will,
To have nothing higher than you,
To be more than human…
The majority of humanity still remained,
Held back by the shackles of mortality,
Encased, cocooned tightly in the web of life,
Stuck forever with no escape,
Fumbling in the darkness with unseeing eyes,,
That could not open,
Even for a rare glimpse of the sky.
I then looked upon what we were missing,
The whole, open, unseen outside.
Where the visionaries and heroes dwelt,
Those who had taken the leap,
Not looking back but only going farther,
Purposeful, yet purposeless,
Bending the world with pure will,
They lived, nay, existed with a freedom that was real,
Impossibly breaking out of the cocoon of mortality.
How was I to cast off the chains?
Where would I find the key to the lock?
The strength to jump that high,
The strength to jump that high and not look down.
Where were life’s secrets hidden?
Looking inside me,
Searching my very soul,
I found all I needed.
It was enlightenment.
In addition to mundane senses,
I saw what was real.
Using pure will, I cut the cocoon.
The chains vanished into nothingness,
I decided to be a star.
I was now master of myself,
Time had no power over me,
For I controlled it with pure will.
I was free, unbound, to use mundane language.
Not looking down onto the cocoon,
For I had evolved,
I was more than human.
Looking forward, I could not stop going farther.
I was higher than everything else,
God could not hear me,
For I went higher than he.
My experience now transcended language.
For humanity,
I left this manuscript in the cocoon,
To try and give,
A rare glimpse of the sky.  

India, how Beautiful You Are Tonight

So, India. For some readers, like myself, India is another exotic and distant country on a map. For some of you, you’ve been there and experienced it yourself, or its even the world you know as your own. My most envious jealousies.
My city is clean and safe and cosmopolitan…and boring. My parents have travelled all over the world: Zimbabwe, Turkey, Columbia, Nepal, Egypt, Iceland, China, Germany, Indonesia. I had my first birthday in St. Petersburg, Russia, – my second birthday was in Edinburg, Scotland, and we’d been caravanning and travelling through all the countries in the between time and space. I grew up with the stories of my family’s adventures all over the world, with photos and souvineers, the undercurrent message that one day, I can do it all myself. My friends talk of going to France, to England, to the USA, but they seem so bland in comparison to other worlds that are out there, just waiting to explore…

Sorry, I’m rambling 😛 India! It epitomises everything I yearn to discover. The more I heard about it the more I love. My city’s most fashionable color is black, whereas India has the riots of colour and fabric in every shade imaginable. We have expensive restaurants that serve international cuisine – I want to eat it hot and fresh of the sidewalk food carts. The city councils fuss over things like skateboarders and chewing gum on the sidewalk ~ we’re so wrapped up in our neat tidy lives that we forget that there are thousands of people who struggle to maintain life in cities with twice the history, population and culture. The heat, the colour, the chaos – its too ordered here, reader. Its too clean and developed and modern here. Where are the traditions, the in-your-face differences, the vivacious life that cannot be repressed!

I know I am lucky. I know I am blessed to have security and stability in my environment. I know there are millions of people out there worse off than me. But if the world is a book, without travelling you have read but a single page. I have lived out of the cheapest accomodation and haggled with stall sellers in Indonesia, I have seen the markets of Bolivia, the richness and poverty and noises and smells and excitement of third world countries, and I have loved them! I love it when things happen spontaneously and you’re not quite sure of whats going to happen, when there’s so much more to see, so much more life to feel than men and women with dark grey suits and dark grey briefcases and dark grey clouds above dark grey buildings. Break your boxes people, the world is amazing, reach out and feel it!

And so you may now understand why India epitomises everything I love about travelling, everything I dream of exploring. All the Bollywood in history couldn’t give me enough of it. And I know it, like every country in the world, has its ugly side, but seeing all you amazing people on the internet, living in distinct worlds, it opens even more – companions to laugh and share the experience with –  that its not only real, but its just there. Reachable. The internet needs a teleport button 😛 My parents don’t understand , or maybe I haven’t expressed it clearly enough to them, of how truly inspiring and magical this dream is. I know its not a safe, normal, or possibly majorly palatable dream to dare, to others and myself, but it’s too fantastic to give up! Only teach me, educate me, if you wish – I will listen gladly – but don’t think you can hinder my flight. 😀 The world is impatient!

Dream to Dare

Those who ‘dare to dream’ it would do you better to ‘dream to dare’. Dreams shimmer like bubbles and last just as long, until the haze of sleep has been shaken out from between your ears. Dare to live, for it is not what we did, but what we did not do, that we regret. Dare to fly, with full knowledge that you will fall and bruise a feather now and then. For how can we waltz without learning to walk first?

Do not dream of the wondrous ‘some day’ – dare to take the first step towards it, for after that first step comes the second, the third and before you know it you’ll be running and reaching and slipping and grasping the wondrous someday you sought, smelling it between your hands and finding the flavour different and more amazing than you ever did expect.

Because, guess what sweetheart? That’s life! Magical and perplexing and difficult when you least want it to be, falling so neatly into place at others, heart wrenching and soul fuffilling, impossible and ridiculous, familiar and unexpected. Wipe away the grime that everyday life builds up, and open your eyes with the fresh curiosity and wonder of a child. It’s still there for you, waiting for you to see, to pluck that fruit society forbids you from having – for which corporate body on earth would want people who think for themselves again? Oh no! Must we all trudge through life with our black and grey suits and cars and offices, our pain and baggage, our careers and responsibilities, when the realworld is waiting for you outside?

Just look! The stars, the clouds, the wind, the seasons, the rush of life as it passes us by, the great train of vivacity just waiting for us to jump aboard and truly feel again. Every moment is a choice, come on, you have every opportunity in front of you! There is no inability, the only thing we /must/ do is maintain our bodily processes and balances with oxygen, water and sustenance. Do something crazy today, do something you’ve always wanted, follow that silly whim you’ve been ignoring. Have an adventure; feel the rain on your skin, kick the piles of autumn leaves again! Dive-bomb the pool or make another daisy chain of flowers to wear, smile to random strangers and find animals in the clouds again. Who’s it going to hurt? Make life matter because its not who has the most money and fame that matters the most. In the end, its about who has truly lived. Lived and loved with both eyes wide open, both hands open, both ears flapping. And remember, do not, ever, stop – why in the world should you? It is your right, as a sentient, glorious human body, to embrace life with both hands!
Now go out, and find it!

Hello World – edit :P

BECAUSE, Siobhan forgot to mention that she’s also my sister. And rather a brilliant writer in her own style, which you shall hopefully see within the next few weeks quite thoroughly. This isn’t a community blog or anything, just two female humans living life on this planet earth as best we can. And hopefully with us both writing, we’ll egg each other on to write better/more.

But, its 2.45 am and not much can be said without a headspace you do not gain without coffee, inspiration, or tumblr. So, reader, I leave you with a poem bold of heart and strengthening of faith. A poem right of mind and left of vanquishability.

A poem that stirred the unquenchable spirit of those all across the globe, from my very own sister to Nelson Mandela himself!
…Okay, enough theatrics.

Out of the night that covers me,
Black as the Pit from pole to pole,
I thank whatever gods may be
For my unconquerable soul.

In the fell clutch of circumstance
I have not winced nor cried aloud.
Under the bludgeonings of chance
My head is bloody, but unbowed.

Beyond this place of wrath and tears
Looms but the Horror of the shade,
And yet the menace of the years
Finds, and shall find, me unafraid.

It matters not how strait the gate,
How charged with punishments the scroll,
I am the master of my fate:
I am the captain of my soul.

~ by William Ernest Henley