And so we watch and so we learn/With eyes wide for our dreams to yearn

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The sun was only just beginning to rise when I awoke. I rolled over onto my side and blinked blearily out the van window, wondering where we’d arrived this morning. Ruyard had promised he’d gt all of us somewhere where we could all be safe, but after 5 days on the road, even Margaret, the most trusting of all out family (or, what was left of it) was beginning to ask questions.

There were no questions now. My breath caught in my throat as the early morning rays touched the tops of trees and the edge of green hillsides, bathing everything my eye could see in a whispered warmth and promise underlying this land.

This was going to be our home now. I could feel it in the thrumming of my heart, the soul of this place resonating within me a deep, wordless song of welcome. Welcome home, the sky seems to be singing, as it changed from pearl grey to lilac to peach. Welcome home, whispered the hills, as fog wrapped itself tenderly around its green feet.

As the day slowly awoke, so did my sisters, and I watched as each of them saw the vista that awaited us, as I saw the tension, the stress, the fear and the worry fall off their shoulders. And the new dawn tinged the edges of our hair golden and warmed our pale skin in the welcoming caress of a place we knew, from now till the end of our days, would be where we could belong. Where we could be safe, be happy, be free – where we would be Home.


This was a response to a prompt I saw on tumblr, (x) so the image isn’t mine. Now that my exams are almost over, I think I’ll finally have the brainspace free to be able to write again. And with my impending trips overseas, I’m sure there’ll be no shortage of subject matter. After years of essays and corrections and structures, it’s prompts like these that really allow for creativity and expression to realy flourish – no pressure, no expectations, no time frame. Just an idea. And just (as well) a few songs, twirling idly around my head, like the refrain of a calliope, only just within earshot. You know it, you feel it, but it doesn’t…blare, or anything like that. Welcome Home by Radical Face, and Home by Phillip Phillips were the ones I was thinking of, can you guess why? πŸ˜›

It’s funny, so much of me is defined by my desire to get out, to fly and see everything there is to see in the world – but on the other hand, I think I’m beginning to see the importance of having a consolidated home. Home is…sanctuary and security and roots and a roof above your head that you can count on – and most importantly, filled with the people I love. But I’ve already traversed too much of the world to love people in only one place. And I’m far from finished, as far as traversing goes πŸ˜‰
So I guess…we shall let time, the smoother of stones and the harbringer of everything’s end – and every new beginning – to show, and to tell, what will ultimately be.