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I’m Bored

I’m bored. How many times have you heard a friend or teenager say it? There’s nothing to do, nothing to read, nothing good on tv. No money, no one to meet up with, no wifi. Is that what our generation has learnt, that we need our entertainment handed to us? Some mates I’ve got, they seem, between work and eating and sleeping, to live in a constant state of boredom. Computer games and tv, two of the most common forms of recreation these days, are almost as mindless as not doing anything at all. Who has ever really emerged from The Simpsons or Call of Duty enriched and satisfied? I honestly don’t see the point, when there’s already so much out there, so much to see.

I mean, think about it. The majority of these commercialized forms of entertainment, save the testosterone-fulfilling war&women types, are in some form of story telling. Creating stories, stimulating our imagination. The writers of the world should understand me here, but the rest of you, just think; how small a step it is to stop living off and using another persons imagination, and opening yours. Just open your eyes and look at the world around you. There’s just. so. much. Everything has a story, every person has a story, hopes and dreams and fears and a past and a future, every thing has to be made and everything has had things happen to them that leaves a mark. Just look around you, and really see.

Just look; at the people walking by – what do their clothes say about them? Their features and gestures and actions, jewelry and tattoos and things they’re carrying. They all say something about them. Where and they going, what are they doing, what might they be thinking? Some people put a lot of stock into how your facial features signify your personality, some believe it’s pure genetics. I experiment with both possibilities. Is there an old smile in that old mans crinkled eyebrows? Old people are especially interesting because they have had such long lives, so much time to have developed, had families, hobbies, dreams, grandchildren, faced suffering, lived and seen so much. And then there’s the young, with their vivacity and life – did she just get back from university, school or a friends house, and was her day good? What might she be thinking about? A frazzled mum after a long day of errands or returning home after a job, where? How is her life? His clothes are loud but his eyes are soft – an anarchist that still dreams, wants change and thinks this is the solution, statement, or boy hiding behind his clothes, trying to fit in and be cool? People are all so unique and yet the same patterns emerge, expand on what you know of our minds, and the human brain is so complex the possibilities are thrilling.

Just look; at the plants and animals – varying on the season and location, oh World. Birds singing in the trees, or around the ground, what types are they? Recognize and try to name plants growing, weeds, vines, trees and flowers and how the insects work with them in the huge system of creating and killing together that is Nature. Seedpods are always fascinating to figure out, like little puzzles. Leaves, how they grow and change and how and why they are in the shape/colour/texture they are. The seasons and local weather, how does it affect it all, the small mammals and the once-domestic street animals, the local creatures, the birds and lizards. (This is mainly interesting for those who travel and compare countries city/wildlife) But also, where and how did plants grow and get there? Gardens can say a lot, who and why and how they’re tended. A butterfly or beetle can catch and hold your attention as it passes by. So wrapped up in their busy little lives, who are we to disregard and ignore them?

The streets, houses, cars, things; how did they get there? Who built them, with what and how? Imagine how they were put together, and why. What happened to them all through the passing of time? Markings in the concrete by paws and leaves and shoes and tyres. Cracked cement from weather and nature. How did that car get that way? What’s the graffiti about, by who and why? The mesh behind the fence, to keep small dogs inside? What were the streets named the way they were? How and who painted that sign? Construction sights are especially fascinating, seeing things half made, trying to guess what the wires and pillars and pipes will become, and how they fit together. Electrical wirings, to and from where? Cultural influences, fashion and styles from years ago accumulating, shown in the world around us, in the plaster and cement and wood.

All you have to do is look.

Can you see now? With a world full of details to examine, how can you ever be bored? I know I’m not.