And so we watch and so we learn/With eyes wide for our dreams to yearn

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Organ Harvesting in China

Organ Harvesting in China

Hello! I have started this campaign about the truly awful events that are occurring in China that so many people have no idea is happening. It is something that is sickening to the core and needs to get attention! So please, take a look, sign it, share it and then share it again!

If you are an American, check out this one as well. 


Silly Poetry

My English teacher is making us write small poems in class, so I thought I’d share some of my better ones with you 🙂

The Sugar Cube

White and square
Inanimate object
Requires no air


Rattling, rumbling
Nothing is still
The peace of the night interrupted

Shaking, quaking
The earth on the move
Perhaps a volcano erupted


Feathered graceful flight
Softly sings
Never at night
Peace to the eye it brings

The Art of Not Being Serious

Hello! Now, for some time I’ve been trying to write a passage for this blog that is a similar style to Taasha’s smooth and reflective posts but it just isn’t working. I can’t take myself that seriously! As I write it I’m thinking “seriously Siobhan, you are trying to tell people the meaning of life??? pfffft it’s 42″.
So now, ladies and gentlemen, I am farewell-ing my non successful attempts, no longer trying to squeeze into a mould that’s not my shape and breaking the chrysalis of insecurity that has formed around me (see I can use flowery words if I want to) and instead of turning into a butterfly I am staying the pudgy caterpillar that’s me. That’s probably a terrible metaphor for what I am doing but you get the idea. Who says that being a caterpillar isn’t as cool as being a butterfly?

Hello World!

Greetings fans and air conditioners, I have officially joined with this blog! I have to warn you, I rather lack the poetic ability Taasha beautifully showcases here so my posts may not be as pretty and flowy as hers are, but I’ll try 🙂