And so we watch and so we learn/With eyes wide for our dreams to yearn

… is that you always fall for people you’re already incredibly close to. Your profound feelings for your best friends lies on the side of a very fine line to your profound romantic feelings for other people. And you don’t fancy people for their looks or preliminary behaviour. You love them for their heart, which makes their face and mannerisms all the more meaningful and wonderful to you. You fall in love with their soul and goddamn that makes things frustrating when you have amazing wonderful close friends who you care about deeply and oh did I mention that I’m bisexual? 😀

I bloody love everyone, but just… figuring out how is the difficult bit here. XD Because I care about loads of my friends so much, and I feel for them all right to the core, to the point where I can’t even tell what kind of heart strings are getting tugged. I genuinely love him and her and them as well but *repeated headdesk* is it possible to love someone deeply, platonically and yet find them sexually appealing?

NB: For those who aren’t familiar with that term, demiromanticism is a branch of the romantic orientation side of things. Because sexuality isn’t decided only by what your pants like, but also by what your heart likes. So you can have a heterosexual male who’s aromatic, or a bisexual female (like me) who’s demiromantic, meaning I am more drawn by my emotional connection to people than whats in their pants or personality. Although those do still come into the equation 😛

Comments on: "The Problem being Demiromantic" (2)

  1. When you only have had 1 other romantic feeling for someone and you develop feelings for your aromantic and asexual friend who only thinks of you as platonic. So, you develop a rare relationship to literally mean nothing to anyone.

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