And so we watch and so we learn/With eyes wide for our dreams to yearn

So, India. For some readers, like myself, India is another exotic and distant country on a map. For some of you, you’ve been there and experienced it yourself, or its even the world you know as your own. My most envious jealousies.
My city is clean and safe and cosmopolitan…and boring. My parents have travelled all over the world: Zimbabwe, Turkey, Columbia, Nepal, Egypt, Iceland, China, Germany, Indonesia. I had my first birthday in St. Petersburg, Russia, – my second birthday was in Edinburg, Scotland, and we’d been caravanning and travelling through all the countries in the between time and space. I grew up with the stories of my family’s adventures all over the world, with photos and souvineers, the undercurrent message that one day, I can do it all myself. My friends talk of going to France, to England, to the USA, but they seem so bland in comparison to other worlds that are out there, just waiting to explore…

Sorry, I’m rambling 😛 India! It epitomises everything I yearn to discover. The more I heard about it the more I love. My city’s most fashionable color is black, whereas India has the riots of colour and fabric in every shade imaginable. We have expensive restaurants that serve international cuisine – I want to eat it hot and fresh of the sidewalk food carts. The city councils fuss over things like skateboarders and chewing gum on the sidewalk ~ we’re so wrapped up in our neat tidy lives that we forget that there are thousands of people who struggle to maintain life in cities with twice the history, population and culture. The heat, the colour, the chaos – its too ordered here, reader. Its too clean and developed and modern here. Where are the traditions, the in-your-face differences, the vivacious life that cannot be repressed!

I know I am lucky. I know I am blessed to have security and stability in my environment. I know there are millions of people out there worse off than me. But if the world is a book, without travelling you have read but a single page. I have lived out of the cheapest accomodation and haggled with stall sellers in Indonesia, I have seen the markets of Bolivia, the richness and poverty and noises and smells and excitement of third world countries, and I have loved them! I love it when things happen spontaneously and you’re not quite sure of whats going to happen, when there’s so much more to see, so much more life to feel than men and women with dark grey suits and dark grey briefcases and dark grey clouds above dark grey buildings. Break your boxes people, the world is amazing, reach out and feel it!

And so you may now understand why India epitomises everything I love about travelling, everything I dream of exploring. All the Bollywood in history couldn’t give me enough of it. And I know it, like every country in the world, has its ugly side, but seeing all you amazing people on the internet, living in distinct worlds, it opens even more – companions to laugh and share the experience with –  that its not only real, but its just there. Reachable. The internet needs a teleport button 😛 My parents don’t understand , or maybe I haven’t expressed it clearly enough to them, of how truly inspiring and magical this dream is. I know its not a safe, normal, or possibly majorly palatable dream to dare, to others and myself, but it’s too fantastic to give up! Only teach me, educate me, if you wish – I will listen gladly – but don’t think you can hinder my flight. 😀 The world is impatient!

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