And so we watch and so we learn/With eyes wide for our dreams to yearn

Hello! Now, for some time I’ve been trying to write a passage for this blog that is a similar style to Taasha’s smooth and reflective posts but it just isn’t working. I can’t take myself that seriously! As I write it I’m thinking “seriously Siobhan, you are trying to tell people the meaning of life??? pfffft it’s 42″.
So now, ladies and gentlemen, I am farewell-ing my non successful attempts, no longer trying to squeeze into a mould that’s not my shape and breaking the chrysalis of insecurity that has formed around me (see I can use flowery words if I want to) and instead of turning into a butterfly I am staying the pudgy caterpillar that’s me. That’s probably a terrible metaphor for what I am doing but you get the idea. Who says that being a caterpillar isn’t as cool as being a butterfly?

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