And so we watch and so we learn/With eyes wide for our dreams to yearn

Dream to Dare

Those who ‘dare to dream’ it would do you better to ‘dream to dare’. Dreams shimmer like bubbles and last just as long, until the haze of sleep has been shaken out from between your ears. Dare to live, for it is not what we did, but what we did not do, that we regret. Dare to fly, with full knowledge that you will fall and bruise a feather now and then. For how can we waltz without learning to walk first?

Do not dream of the wondrous ‘some day’ – dare to take the first step towards it, for after that first step comes the second, the third and before you know it you’ll be running and reaching and slipping and grasping the wondrous someday you sought, smelling it between your hands and finding the flavour different and more amazing than you ever did expect.

Because, guess what sweetheart? That’s life! Magical and perplexing and difficult when you least want it to be, falling so neatly into place at others, heart wrenching and soul fuffilling, impossible and ridiculous, familiar and unexpected. Wipe away the grime that everyday life builds up, and open your eyes with the fresh curiosity and wonder of a child. It’s still there for you, waiting for you to see, to pluck that fruit society forbids you from having – for which corporate body on earth would want people who think for themselves again? Oh no! Must we all trudge through life with our black and grey suits and cars and offices, our pain and baggage, our careers and responsibilities, when the realworld is waiting for you outside?

Just look! The stars, the clouds, the wind, the seasons, the rush of life as it passes us by, the great train of vivacity just waiting for us to jump aboard and truly feel again. Every moment is a choice, come on, you have every opportunity in front of you! There is no inability, the only thing we /must/ do is maintain our bodily processes and balances with oxygen, water and sustenance. Do something crazy today, do something you’ve always wanted, follow that silly whim you’ve been ignoring. Have an adventure; feel the rain on your skin, kick the piles of autumn leaves again! Dive-bomb the pool or make another daisy chain of flowers to wear, smile to random strangers and find animals in the clouds again. Who’s it going to hurt? Make life matter because its not who has the most money and fame that matters the most. In the end, its about who has truly lived. Lived and loved with both eyes wide open, both hands open, both ears flapping. And remember, do not, ever, stop – why in the world should you? It is your right, as a sentient, glorious human body, to embrace life with both hands!
Now go out, and find it!

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