And so we watch and so we learn/With eyes wide for our dreams to yearn


Like a whisper of leaves
Fluttering birds of printed pages
Just little marks, black on white
Stories timeless in the ages

A wave of ink ink writers hand
Of civilizations gone before
Bastions of culture, saviour-fare!
Preserved forevermore

Words of worlds beyond our own
Of people, creatures, life
Dare to laugh, to cry, to sing
Of honor, love and strife

A timeless age, a throng of earls
A whirlpool filled with glory
And magic, quests and battles true
Another set of rules, my story.

This world can twist with suppleness
Evil, light, side by side.
Faeries, peasants and royalty.
Love, hate, angst and pride

And when emotions run too high
I simply close the book
I treasure these stories, out of sight
Though my heart it took

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